June 11th, 2005

dad & fish & i

the dentist again that was killed.

several years ago i had the experience of meeting the remainder of a family during the process of burying the father of the young family.

i posted about this awhile ago, and sometimes i think about it still.

it tugs and pulls at me from time to time. it makes me uncomfortable.

a successful young-ish dentist and his wife buy a horse farm at auction in ct. they take posession of the house the week he dies

they were transporting an antique covered bridge for the drainage ditch. they had ordered velvet drapes. the furniture was being shipped from europe and the carolinas. nothing was too good.

so the dad that died - (a dentist) - was out with the handyman at the property. the handyman worked there before and looked after the previous owners horses. when those people moved, they took their horses, and the one who were boarded found other housing.

so, the two guys were out fixing the fence line. big machine... like an auger... would dig a hole, and put the log sized fence post in the hole.

well, around lunchtime, the mom brings the 2 year old down with her to the lower field where they were working, to ask about lunch. when the husband was slightly distracted, the machine catches his clothing, and then him, up into itself, therefore simultaneously hanging and impaling the dentist to death. of course, in front of the wife and 2 year old.

of course the handyman tried to turn off the machine, but it was gas powered or something and there was no kill switch. there was nothing they could have done.

it was just very sad.

my advice is this... if you don't have experience working with heavy equipment, don't use it. a good rule of thumb is that if you have no callused hands, leave the heavy work to those with experience. it might just save your life.

this has been a public service announcement from your local smartass. or not so local.