June 12th, 2005

dad & fish & i

an episode in new york laundry

when i lived in manhattan, when i wouldn't/couldn't bring myself to the chinese laundry.... i would have to drag my stuff down the the self serve down the street. through the slush.

i was somewhat rewarded however one thursday late evening. manhattan, these places are open 24/7 in case some person just HAS to have that one t shirt and pair of jeans laundered at 4 am? i know, scary thought.

so my reward? as i loaded the dirty things into the high capacity machines, a very fine looking man walks in. all eyes were on him. even the men. kind of like that old pepsi commercial or something with the raven haired girl? tall, chiseled profile, defined abs, model good looks. i guessed him to be some aspiring actor on broadway. or PS122 at least.

as he strides long strides easily past the group of young moms, and the elderly ethnic looking women who do other people's laundry? and the 'hoods of the neighborhood... and in one swoopy motion (swoopy?) smooth motion he takes the green army surplus duffle off his shoulder and puts it quietly on the floor next to the machines i am working with. the duffle was fat stuffed with laundry. now, you can stuff a great deal of stuff in a duffle. trust me on this. there were, upon a visual survey of the room, many other machines. i tried to not to gah gah him or whatever it is when your jaw drops and you stand in awe? i dunno. i am usually not affected by adonis like handsome men. goodie for them and all... but with this guy, geesh.

i got his number. somehow. i think it is when i asked him tentatively if he really wanted to put his whites and colors together. (as he attempts to stuff all of it into one machine anyhow). he said he hadn't thought of it much, really. i said "oh no!" and "impossible" (in a french accent even IN POSS EEEEB BLAH). he laughed out loud and said he didn't want to offend me. so he used two machines, one for whites and one for darks. i let him use my clorox and clorox2, respectfully. he seemed grateful. he mentioned dinner. i said i had work at home to do. he said then for sure on saturday, then, and to call.

so i never called him. many things can come up between thursday and satuday. believe me.