June 17th, 2005

dad & fish & i

hello from heck. :(

i'm still havin' some trouble with the "commodities broker" "BS degree holdin'" "food stamp" receiving girlfiend of my bb. don't you have to have a reasonably low income to recieve food stamps?

commodities broker? she isn't even online here, and i only have the phone working in my room and the living room. she has little access to the living room.

t h i s d o e s n o t c o m p u t e.

i mumbled something like.... "yeah, you have a BS degree alright" i amuse myelf sometimes.

but she said "they" will have 90 days to move out. because there is a child involved. that is, once they go to court.

i j u s t w a n t m y l i f e b a c k.

thank you, that is all. *goes to rub temples*