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Kiwi Injections Free
Monday, June 20th, 2005

Date:2005-06-20 09:39

my friend bought a corvette. he picks up his new corvette convertible today.

lucky boy. he says this is his 5th.

i was looking for a really good photo of the convertible in sunset orange? but i haven't been able to find one.

it's upposed to be metallic but the chip on a dealer website look very bland.

any help appreciated.


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Date:2005-06-20 14:55

should i report the boat as being stolen?

it is no longer here.

my mom did not sell it. or the trailer.

everything that was my dad's, is my mom's.


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Date:2005-06-20 15:24

hi. please welcome acfernandez. hippychick, and smileyali.

please give them all hugs. because it's monday., and i said so. "' 'cause i'm the mommy" (not) that's why.


now, back to work.

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Date:2005-06-20 18:19
Subject:annoying people

if you have a BIG issue with an ex....

( failure to reach an agreement or understanding... )

at what point do you stop ALL communications, just say enough!! ?

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