June 21st, 2005

dad & fish & i

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today i am biding my time, not so patiently.... until later, maybe this evening... i am waiting to see if anything gets moved out today. well, things that are my mom's.
dad & fish & i

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today, the "disconnect" for the air condition was "taken out" by someone.

this has caused me to call an air conditioner person.

the unit itself is an 84.

now the air guy is gonna bypass the disconnct so this can't happen again.

and i think he'll add some freon. or whatever that stuff is.
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dad & fish & i

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i wasn't born in 1964.

and because of my "liberal" leanings, i might not sit too well with a lot of people.

so be it.

and i know mr. killen was a "family" man, and a "minister". well, he's had 41 years of time with his family and with his church.

but that's 41 years those boys haven't been with theirs.

what about the boy's families? and all the other people affected by this crime? like me, a girl from a small town in central ny.

and the people convicted of violating the civil rights of the 3? they got off pretty easy.

and i hope to hell if i ever killed 3 people, or had them killed? that i would be convicted of murder and conspiracy to commit.

and i hope i am either sentenced to death, or serve one hundred and fity years for each of the people i killed.

that's all.