June 24th, 2005

dad & fish & i

ac problems

two days ago the ac repair person was here.

bypassed disconnect

damages: $95.00

today, another ac repair person was here.

damages $318.79

evaperation coil froze. he defrosts today.
defrost evap. coil icky. he cleans it.
condenser coil icky. he cleans it.

added freon.

there is now a 10 gallon tub full of pine needles from inside the unit.

too bad they already collected yard waste this week.

the person a few days ago was told it NEEDED freon but he did not put any in.

"hehehe, you said unit"
dad & fish & i

no longer me

when i'm gone... dead. no longer alive... no longer me.

i want my ashes to be shot out of a 150 ft. double thumbed fist cannon.

that makes perfect sense, right?
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dad & fish & i

my new icon.

it also amuses me that the curser hand pointer thing in windows is just the right size to pick the nose of my current "stained" icon.

or to scratch it's cheek or something.

i'm amused. really i am.