June 28th, 2005


ocean kayaks

a few years ago, i went to rockport, ma to walk about and have lunch.

i took what i considered a fabulous photo of some ocean kayaks?

do you think i can find it? not on disk, not archived, nowhere.

dad & fish & i

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i grew up in central new york.

there is a beer (mmm, beer) called "utica club". while i am not a huge fan of pilsner...

my mom's step mom, who had a controlling interest in several bars... would get all this promotional stuff...

something i actually liked were these :

yep, that's schultz on the left and dooley on the right. you can tell dooley by the shamrock and schultz by the blue and white bavarian type work.

and i think it's true, the more LJ posts you make, the less sex you're having.
dad & fish & i

you are TRUANT

today, my brother and his 15 year old kid went to court for truancy.

during this school year he missed more than 50 days of school.

the child does not have any medical or psych issues to prevent him from going...

he just doesn't like to get up to catch the bus.

my nephew was told to go to school. if he doesn't he goes to jail.

if he does't go to school, my brother also goes to jail.

i think the brother belongs there anyhow.

*shakes head in disgust*
dad & fish & i


dear internet chat "buddy"...

it is best not to say "football freak" when i mention the NBA drafts.

i think you're an idiot. plain and simple. therefore, you're ejected. see 'ya, 'ya loser!

--ef. (former center)
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