July 3rd, 2005

dad & fish & i

tilton vs union oil

"Facts. The plaintiff was an employee of Compton Toilet Partitions, Inc.
(Compton). On October 9, 1991, the plaintiff was assigned by Scott
Braley, the proprietor of Compton, to remove the lids from empty
fifty-five gallon drums that were scattered all over the property. The
plaintiff was seriously injured when he attempted to remove a lid from
an unmarked drum containing a small amount of the chemical solvent
toluene with an acetylene torch, which caused the drum to explode. After
the jury found the defendant negligent in answers to special questions
and assessed damages against the defendant in the amount of $1,750,000,
the trial judge entered a judgment for the plaintiff."

here's the other info for the case...:

Docket No.: 01-P-0001
Dates: October 9, 2002.
dad & fish & i


this is a reminder about illness. any kind.

everyone knows that if you're IN the hospital, you must be sick.

remember when you were a kid? something was bad only if it required stitches, a cast, or a hospital stay?

well, this is a reminder that if you have a friend or family member, or even a distant aquaintance type relationship with someone... if they are IN the hospital, and get discharged? they STILL might have issues to deal with.

once they get home there is a whole bunch of stuff one has to deal with. very difficult stuff. physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy maybe... if you're in the hospital a long time, just doing things like preparing dinner can be depressing. tire you right out.. to be home and not have the support of the hospital staff right there.

so try to be nice. check in on them. see if there is anything you can do... be compassionate. helpful.