September 19th, 2005

dad & fish & i

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i should be running to the market before all the fresh endive is gone. my mom's neighbor alerted me to it... it's at the organic store here.

incompetents should apply elsewhere. my patience runs extrememly thin lately dealing with dolts.

i would like to post some pics i have taken recently, but i don't have the time now to set up any edit software. amazingly i am able to connect to the 'net at all and be even marginally productive.

mean people still suck and i make no apologies for saying so in such vulgar fashion. i apologize to the more sensitive on my list.

i think i need three things...

shelter, sustenance and sex. the three "s"

the problem with all three of them is that all three of them seem to be vastly more trouble than they are atually worth.

try telling that to a vic. of katrina.

weeks ago i offered this place as housing for people needing to relocate. no takers yet. if you know of anyone with elementary aged kids, it would be a an ok place, just one block from a good elementary school with an after school program. basic housing, nothing fancy. no dishwasher, no disposal, no ice maker in the freezer, just those ice cube trays. and no smoking indoors.

a few weeks agao, the day i phoned the red cross office locally to tell them the place was available, the local director called from her cell to ask if i would accept an interview with the local news? NOT ON YOUR LIFE. and then the news showed up. i declined again the interview. if i say no, i mean no.

my friend dylan, md went to the disaster area with a friend to render aid. the friend, a podiatrist, treated many patients who were working on repairing the levy. my friend only 2. he said things were terribly disorganized. i am happy he went, regardless. i am proud to know him.

well, back to being scatterbrained. :p