September 23rd, 2005

dad & fish & i

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ok, so here is my fabulous friday update. i tried to check my yahoo mail at the library and no such luck. error 99. add more annoyance to add to my day.

so if you get an email from me at hotmail, reply to my pager or i think will work too. never can be too sure about getting a pc at the library. :P

i have no h2o, no electric or phone at my mom's house. i've been in the hospital three days this week. a few hours each. or more than a few.

came home, the stuff was turned off. i fon't have resources now from being here so long. they were on, due, in part from friends helping. thanks, you know who you are. for some reason, i am being charged for my brother's bills too. sucky thing, huh.

so, that is that.

i don't have much else to say other than i am depressed and um, i said this before earlier, i have lost some of my faith in humanity. i have nothing to say other than that.

it's hard dealing with stuff when one doesn't feel physically well.

so, off i go to do more pleasant things than be annoyed by public pc's even if they are free.

oh, and if you want to speak to an operator who may or may not have any real information on me, you can do so at 866.889.5487. the other numbers work for leaving messages, but i am not always near a phone to call back.

i keep saying i must have been really really bad in a previous life.