October 3rd, 2005

dad & fish & i

drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs...

i came out a few days ago from south carolina.

i have spent the last few days cleaning my friend's place.

it is worse than my brother's mess. different, but worse.

so yesterday, i was cleaning up in the kitchen. sweeping dead roaches from the bottom of the cabinet the drawers were in. like, 4 drawers for silverware and cutlery. a bit overdone for the 2 forks, one spoon and two filet knives he has.

so what happens?

i am just sweeping away with a little hand broom. whisk broom, you know? lalalalaa. he was out and about.

and then, KABOOM! the stove explodes and i get flash burned.

i run to the bathroom and jump in the cold shower, clothes and all. that saved me. i was in the shower about 20 min., and then my friend finally came home. i was in no shape to drive. if he didn't come home i would have called an ambulance, it hurt that bad. i would not have been able to drive. i am not able to use my fingers much yet.

the front of me is affected mostly. my face, hands and lower legs all injured. third, second and first degree burns.

for those of you who don't know, the worst is 4th degree, the least serious being first degree.

my legs hurt. my hands hurt, and my face - my nose and upper lip are sort of like, sunburned. my eyebrows are gone, and my eyelashes are severly shortened.

i have a new appreciation for the people injured by napalm.

i am taking dilauded. and ketoralac. the morphine helps but it hurts still like a 9 3/4. and the ketoralac helps, because it is an non steroidal anti inflamitory.

i was already taking ketoralac for my head. if i was on an anti inflamatory, how did i get burned? sorry, a little drug humor. :/

can i please have my nice life back now? please?
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