October 6th, 2005

dad & fish & i

tired and sore.

i had to go to the hospital to be medicated, essentially. i was in severe pain, and i had run out of the 20 pain pills i had been prescribed.

i should have stayed in. i mean, i should have stayed at my friends and not ventured forth into the land of torture.

.........first i waited about an hour to be seen. then another hour before they started the iv. that took 6, (SIX - count 'em) sticks. ouch.

and they gave me some meds. finally.

but then, it gets worse. then they decide to "debride" my burns. now, true, i had been terribly blistered and i kept getting MORE blisters. so the dr. today PEELS ALL THE BURN TISSUE off. with a little pair of tweezers. leaving two legs fileted. like, peeling a ripe tomato. leaving bloody, oozing un skinned tissue behind. my god, it stings like crazy. it's been bad enough. ouch.

the dr. today did comment on how clean i kept the injured areas. he said it was rare that people do at home because it is so painful to do so.

the person i am staying with asked me from work if i wanted to go back to the er last night. i said "yes!" so when he came home, he ate the dinner i had prepared, and then sat down and watched tv. who cares of i was in a lot of pain or not..

so i brought myself today. i would kick myself for doing so, but it hurts so damned much i will not at this time do so.
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