October 7th, 2005

dad & fish & i

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i was taken by ambulance to the er tonight. my friend didn't get home until after 8, and after i got back earlier, the pain just got worse and worse. i was not able to stand long enough to go to the pharmacy myself.

so i didn't have any prescription pain meds.

when my friend finally DID come back, i told him i HAD to go back to the ER. and that he would need to call an ambulance to transport me.

i don't take calling an ambulance lightly. but i was in such severe pain i couldn't walk. i couldn't put my feet down on the floor.

so i told my friend to ask the emergency crew to bring a chair stretcher. good for staircases, says the former emt/paramedic.

so they show up without one. so i had to wait while the FIRE TRUCK and 5 firemen had to bring the only chair stretcher available. so, ambulance, firetruck, firemen, extra firemen. whatever. it was embarrassing, but i was in so much pain i could not walk. i could barely move my legs without excruciating pain.

so star, the wonderdog, protected me from the firemen. actually, she didn't bark or cause a fuss, she just stood guard at the foot of the bed. good dog.

so i had 3 shots of the demerol, and one of zofran, and one ketoralac. and i just took a darvocet, since none of the 24 hour pharmacies in the vacinity stock dilaudid. what kind of crap is that?

well, at least now i can walk on my own to the bathroom. :-)