October 24th, 2005

dad & fish & i

why not?

i would like to inform the general public in the BWI area that there is a children's store to just DIE FOR.

the store is called "why not?", located in old town alexandria. about a block from the waterfront. (200 king street)

they have infant to teen clothing, toys, accessories. the teen stuff upstairs.

the clothing is fabulous. french lace layettes, hand knit sweaters and sets, lace christening gowns...

the ready made clothes are exquisitly made. taped seams, properly attached buttons or zippers... my grandmother was a dress maker, i know. :-)

the only down side is that the clothing is $$$$. $145.00 for a baby sweater? i wouldn't spend that much on a sweater for ME. :)

they have "chiming" sterling silver baby rattles. i am constantly on a mission to FIND chiming baby rattles, they make a charming, chiming baby gift, when properly monogrammed.

a great hand engraver can be reached through anderson's jewelers in wellesley, ma 781.235.2029.

i purchased a zooming, apple green, wooden mouse and a gift card for my niece who has a birthday this next weekend.

it is powered like those little race cars... you simply put the mouse on a flat surface, pull it back and let it go! ZOOM!

i would guess a group of the mice would be even more fun.

my friend purchased for me a small, stuffed dachshund named ollie (north american bear co. Baby)

it is comparable to the store in wellesley, ma called "periwinkles". periwinkles has more painted baby furniture. but the clothing is similar in quality.

both have heirloom type baby clothes and gifts. the kind to wrap up in tissue and keep for your kids or your kid's kids.

this has been a public service announcement.
dad & fish & i

1st "date" wierdness

oh, before i forget again...

yesterday, during the "date" with the older guy...

the seating person at the restaurant mistakenly identified me as the person's "wife".