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Kiwi Injections Free
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Date:2005-10-25 00:58
Subject:crash, fire, no one hurt.

so, i went to bed kind of early for me. i was awakened, no, i was actually still awake, sort of, at midnight.

but i was pretending to be asleep. TRYING to sleep.

anyhow, the was a collision. wasn't sure where, but the building shook a little bit.

this didn't worry too much... i mean, no one screamed, or cried out, or anything.

a few minutes later, a horn went off. the windows here were opened, to let the cooler air in. but only open a little, since it was rainy.

so, when the horn didn't stop, i went to the window to see what was up.

surprised to find a car on fire in front of the tree near the corner of the building.

this apartment is on the 3rd floor. good view of the tree and parking lot surrounding the buildings.

so, totally involved car. nice late model honda.

with the windows open i could hear the police say "stolen vehicle", and "no one inside".

good, i think, at least there was no one inside.

it took them about 5 minutes to open the trunk on the charred car. "nothing" the fireman said.

they are still out there. taking photos and reports.

geeze, i have to find a better place. :P

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Date:2005-10-25 15:44
Subject:when one lacks

soup, a nice warm bubble bath. ohmmmmmm.... is a decent substitution. so nice! :)

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