October 28th, 2005

dad & fish & i

autumn makes me think of certain things... like ray liotta

i was thinking about previous relationships.

now, for various reasons, i liked or loved? these people... at least on some level...

some are just nice people... some are somewhat flawed... and some i am having trouble putting into any category.

i've been thinking about j. maybe i just over reacted. maybe i was just too young.

well, where ever you are, j, you still should have at least waited until i graduated college. or at least got INTO college. :P

bad move on your part, fella. :) and yer lucky my daddy didn't kill you. :D

and on a different subject, late last night, i was watching ER. ray liotta was on. i like ray liotta. it was freaky seeing him on ER last night, playing a homeless, alchoholic man. man he looked rough. but then again, most people in renal failure look a bit under the weather. you know?