November 4th, 2005

dad & fish & i

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*this was the the woman i thought was working at a gas station*

Judge Who Dismissed Woman's Protective Order, Reassigned
By 9 News Staff

9 News has learned there's new information regarding a Prince George's County judge, who had been the subject of controversy for his handling of a domestic violence case. The case nvolved a Maryland woman who had been set on fire, allegedly by her estranged husband.

Now, that judge, Richard Palumbo, will not be allowed to hear domestic violence cases or any other court cases. 9 News has learned Palumbo has been reassigned to administrative duties in his chambers until further notice.

What that means is Palumbo will not hear any cases until the chief judge of the District Court reviews his case. Palumbo has been under fire for dismissing a protective order against Roger Hargrave. Hargrave is accused of setting his wife, Yvette Cade on fire. She's still in the hospital.

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dad & fish & i

beat farm

dear beat farmers... every time i hear anything you have previously recorded (sorry about cd's untimely demise) anyhow, i always feel like going out to some kind of not so nice bar and shooting pool. and drinking. don't forget the drinking. sigh.

on an unrelated note: have you ever listened to the diana ross song "reflections"? how come i don't remember any weird korg or something in the beginning and then occasionally through the twp and a half mnutes or whatever?