November 6th, 2005

dad & fish & i

logic? what's that?

what is the logic of driving over 40 miles round trip to drop off about 6 regualr plastic type shopping bags from the grocer, full of newspaper, at the recycle place?

now, trust me, i am very happy the newspapers are not on the floor any longer, but i marvel at the idiocy of driving and using all the petroleum product to get there and back. i think the gas used is way worse on the environment than setting the newspapers out in the regular trash. i would PREFER this city have a curbside recycle, like most other places, but it doesn't.

and this SAME individual pays no notice to throwing 12 or more aluminum soda or mostly beer cans straight into the trash.

boggles my mind. really it does.

recycle, that means getting off your bike for a bit and then getting back on... right? :P