November 17th, 2005

dad & fish & i

va med

today was an interesting day. long but interesting.

i spent several hours talking to a "retired" lobbyist for a major oil company.

a 50 year lobbyist for a petroleum company.

i don't know what is worse, a lobbyist for a tobacco company or this?

he was old, but charming.

otherwise, the road to martinsburg is long and winding. i don't have any idea why the people don't choose the dc va instead. well, other than dc traffic.

other than a slip up with one of the appointments in the primary clinic, the entire experience was overall ok. no major waits, inside or outside. (quick turnover... hooray!)

the one slip up was caused by a new admin not checking people in properly. or not checking them in at all, as the case was with me. a six foot blonde woman - not that easy to overlook.