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Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Date:2006-04-13 13:30
Subject:i changed my profile, not the headline.

dear unknown dating website god:

why is it so difficut to change the erroneous profile headline of ".mil .gov =.bored" to read instead:

.mil + .gov = .bored ??? that is what it USED to say. how come it was changed at all?

i changed my profile, not the headline. and i only changed the profile because YOU deleted the originial text.

don't you, unknown dating website god,know that is supposed to be an equation? it doesn't look right without the plus sign.

deal with it, website god.

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Date:2006-04-13 13:40
Subject:man, am i a clutz

yesterday afternoon i stood on the loveseat to reach the top of something on the top of the counter.

i am a very tall woman, but i couldn't reach without the added height.

so, what happened is: my foot slipped down between the cushions and the arm part of the sofa thing. (loveseat).

it is not a sleeper sofa with about 2 and a half inches or more, it is just a regular loveseat.

so my previously recently burned leg became tightly and quite painfully stuck.

now i have a beautiful (NOT) 12x5 inch bone bruise on my grafted shin.

OUCH, Dammit! OUCH.

i thought for sure i broke it at the time.

now back to tasks at hand...

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