April 18th, 2006

beachy sunset

good and bad

yesterday i met a woman who was living on some other planet.

she stated that if she just ignored the negative things that happen (3 year olds disappearing, natalee holloway's, iraq, rolling black outs), that they simply would not exist. i mean, the ostrich effect. like, lalalalaa, i can't hear your bad news...

my perspective is that you can not acknowledge good, without acknowledging evil.

surely there is as much good in the world as bad, right? whether we choose to see it or not is our choice.

if we do not, we are simply animals. but even my dog knows right from wrong.

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october 1, late in the evening (night) i arrived in maryland.

on october 2, before noon, i was burned.

on october 15, my belongings were still in the back of my pick up. i was still in the hospital.

and consequently, some of the neighbors or passerby people took some of my things.

i would like them to please return them.

i would also like the 20 grand that person in virginia owes me.

in comparison:

i arrived here somewhere around april 5.

by april 6, my stff was moved from the back of the truck to a safe location. i didn't have to move more than a 5 lb. box to get it out of the truck.

my friend did the rest.

i am a damned fool.

and i need a nap.