April 21st, 2006

dad & fish & i

something very fishy

if you click the small image, a larger image will open. taking photos of aquarium fish is tricky.

please take the time to look at the larger images. they are much more detailed.

this is the fish who jumped today:

these are his tank mates:

Green Chromis with Blue Damsel:

The Blue Damsel by himself:

and sorry about the algae in this next photo of the Benggai Cardinal:

and some more photos of that Unknown Wrasse (the jumping one):

there are also several hermit crabs and an Engineer Goby which i haven't been able to coax out yet for a photo op. he only comes out on occasion to eat.
dad & fish & i


today at lunch i had boudin. i thought it would be spicier.

i had the unsmoked version.

it was cooked in beer, and i think it would be good just grilled. the problem is that it has rice in it.

the rice is good, but i don't know how that would be on the grill.