April 28th, 2006

dad & fish & i

aww, fuck. crazy girl 2

i am as nice as can be most of the time... you know, i care about people. i really do. but the cab is supposed to be here in about 10 minutes to take me to my zap today.


aww, fuck. i just got a call from my boyfriend, and he tells me that girl that i mentioned last week as being totally nuts? well... she went to the ER last week or sometime between when we went out and the weekend. she is IN A PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL, and she called my boyfriend today and asked him if WE could take responsiblity for her over the weekend.

he left me a voicemail, and i called him back, and that is what he told me.

so, i explained to him that taking responsibility for a suicidal or unstable like that person, dammit, IS A HUGE FUCKING DEAL.

and this means we either have to have her stay here, or one of us has to go to HER house. i don't want to do anything like that at all, let alone that *i* need someone to take care of ME somewhat.

and i can't deal hearing about how horrible her life is. listen, crazy girl, you have a nice apartment. you have a nice car. you have a nice job. you still have family around you. you have money in the bank. you still have your platinum card. get a clue, get some professional help, and then maybe, people would want to be with you.

i don't know about you, but i would rather have people calling me because they WANT to call me. not this negative attention kind of stuff.

i know that sounds cold and uncaring, but damn, i am only a millimeter away from the edge myself, and i have to look out for me. and my boyfriend. and from here, it looks like all crazy girl wants is to suck the vitality from everyone around her. maybe suck is not the word i should use.

but asking for my oxycontin and oxycodone is not cool. never ever. and as a RN, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

i don't care how drunk you were, or how sober you were at the time. i have them because every so often, *I* NEED THEM

if YOU NEED THEM, get your own bloody prescription.
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