April 29th, 2006

dad & fish & i

ow, my head.

in the saga of stupid things i have done, this has to be one of most stupid. (err, if i am stupid, then i would say stupider :P)

last night, i was putting away a hair dryer. i was either under the vanity or in the linen closet in the bath, moving things back and forth.

so, i was moving this hair dryer, which either my boyfriend or i don't really use at all.

and i went to stand up a bit, and i wacked my head hard, on the corner of the door that was open.

right on the crown of my head. you know, if i were an infant, on the soft spot area.

within 5 seconds or less, i had pressure applied, and i called for some help from my boyfriend, but there was drops of bright red blood everwhere. all over the white tile floor, kind of like a scene from reservoir dogs or something.

and a fabulous run of blood down my forehead. i thought i killed myself.

and um, it hurt a lot. temporarily. like when you smash your finger in your auto door.

i have a nice crescent shaped thing going on now, to add to my various other scar tissue.

and i bled even more than a regular head laceration, because i have been on blood thinners since i was burned.

i also am anemic. bah.
dad & fish & i

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does anyone know where i can get those spice rack or can storage things for the pantry door? they screw in or go over the door like a shoe rack thing. i didn't see them at walmart.