Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue


today i must either:
a. move.
b. move MOST of my things.
c. call houston.

a. involves moving in with 2 guys. hmm. there's something positive!
(this is a probable case scenario, i won't know for certain until i MEET the 2 guys)
b. is contingent upon (a.)
c. in light of failure of (a.) and (b.) this would be option

i sent a pointed but cordial? email to my present "boss". not one of the issues has been addressed. a phone call has not been received. fucker.

so, the new gig wants me to start monday. that may be impossible since i will have to move most of the items myself as far as my housing is concerned, (a bedroom of stuff) and there is a blizzard warning. and there is no information regarding my present job. if you can call a job a job if you haven't been paid. at least it's a $18,900.00 deduction if i DON'T get paid!

a costly decision, this one was. at least for me.
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