Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

i sat myself down at a pc here in the apartment building i am living in.

about 2 minutes ago.

the pc is across from an elevator. the general premise is that residents here can use the public pc for doing things like making dumb posts like this, or working on documents that are as earth shattering as EMAILS written on a powerpoint page that simply say "we got home ok from pittsburgh".

so just now, the elevator goes "ding ding" and then i hear "oh shit" and then the doors shut and the cursing man goes away. hooray! but it bugs me just the same.

is curling an olympic sport? reminds me of someone who thought it was amusing to say that foosball should be an olympic sport. at least curling requires the participant to stay upright on a slick ice surface, and the skill involved with the "sweeping" motion of the broom. and to do it at the same time! staying upright AND sweeping! oh, and let's not forget the weight thing has to place in a certain area.

why they figured this was important is lost on me. but then again, i am ignorant.

so now i am going to sit here for another 3 hours. heheh. no, but people like that bug me. they really do.

now off to avenge evil and all that... bye for now! :P
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