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This is Henery Hawk, he is a chicken hawk, and not to be confused with Egghead Jr., who is not.

Here, chickchickchickchickchick...

Oooh! There's the biggest chicken ever I seed!

I want a chicken now.

Me heap big chicken hawk injun.

I'm a chicken hawk and you're my victim - are you gonna come quiet or do I have to muss ya up?

I'm a chicken hawk and I'm after chicken.

Are you a chicken?

Come along quietly before I mess ya up.

Are you a chicken - speak up, speak up!

Well I'm a chicken hawk and I'm lookin' for chicken!

That big schnook tricked me!

Yeah he's got big eyes, big beak, big feet, and he's big and ugly.

There's the big schnook over there!

Chicken, chicken, chickenchickchichichichicicken!

Gosh, I'm a chicken hawk, I catch chickens and eat 'em.

Yeah, yeah, yeahyeah, yeah, yeahyeahyeah...

Are you my mommy?

I'm a chicken hawk, and I smell chicken.

I'm a rootin' tootin' lasso loopin' popgun shootin' chickenhawk.

Ah, there's my victim now!

You're so right chicken, and I'm slappin' my brand on you right now.

I'm a rootin' tootin' chicken hawk, get along, little dogie.

and i swiped these from - thanks for the laughs. :)
Tags: chicken hawk henery
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