Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

i am sitting here at work, on a non classified (obviously) pc. - waves at my network pals - anyhow, if i don't go to lunch now, i will faint. not that i am really hungry, but i have this desire to currently fall asleep, althought i have a stack of things to deal with. but it is difficult to be productive when things are kind of up in the air.

and i have managed to piss my friend john off rather badly, i guess. i am really sorry. my ezcuse is that i am having major difficulty making ANY decisions lately. like, i have trouble deciding what underwear to wear. you know? on general purpose days. if i have trouble with that, how do you honestly expect me to make a decision that would involve another person and their living space, AND change my geographic location? i mean, i just figured out how to get to the market and to the dry cleaners. oh, and to where i live. go gps. but i left my phone, and therefore, the gps at home today. bad me.

so, while the thought of being able to make out at will IS kind of interesting, the fact remains is that i am not as make out friendly as i once was. not that i am NOT interested in doing anything, it's just my umm, self esteem took a pretty big hit in october. i won't even mention the thing in march. and that causes me major anxiety.

anxiety? what?

that is what i am. walking anxiety. and umm, cluelessness. it's somewhere around 1300. but all the time devices... (wall clock, telephone, caller id, pc) ALL have other times. like, the pc says it currently (as i type this) is 1:11). the phone says 1:43. the wall clock says 12.50. the caller id says 12:56. i left my watch at home. or maybe it's in the truck. but it isn't here. so maybe i should just leave. come back in about an hour. they left me alone all day so far. maybe it wouldn't be so bad. i could just get a salad or something, and an iced tea. and maybe a cracker or two.

but my hands are cold. a wonder i can type. they also (who they are i am not sure) left a tru aim titan bulb on my desk in a little sylvania box. are they telling me i am dim witted? i need wattage.

can i ask this... when filing paper documents, do you file old to new, or new to old? and do the al zimbawawa's get filed under zim or al? we have a hell of a lot of als to contend with. i would need about three drawers just for the al whomevers.

but then we file per COUNTRY.

and i still need a translator. or just a voice that says the correct pronunciation of the person or entity i need to contact. like on some people's voicemail. "hello, you are recieving a call for *difficult name to pronounce* from sandra at *unnamed us agency*. please hold the line... just get the person on the phone. *whiney voice* i don't WANT to be on hold international long distance for more than a minute or two. jumps up and down a few times. walks around cubicle. well, around the chair, ok? get the person on the PHONE!

oh, yeah, and i do want sex. or to make out, i should say. but when would i fit it in my busy schedule? i know, now, when i leave for lunch. i would like to have lunch prior to dinner, please. but i don't know how to put my phone on "busy".

see, anxiety. but i did manage to change the batteries in the phone on my desk. so you can call. but not until i get back from lunch. :P

ok, so i leave now. see if i return. hehehe.
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