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last week, on friday afternoon, my boss asked me to call a company's customer service and ask for a pdf version of their brochure. they tell me they will fed ex me any brochure overnight. (which they do)

i phoned the company and they do not have a pdf version. strange i think, it's a big company with a nicely put together bunch of information. nice graphics and stuff. the customer service people tell me they will fed ex a

anyhow, i inform my boss they do not have a pdf version and that i would go to kinkos, scan hard copy of the one page brochure and get that to him. i know you can get a one month trial or so of adobe pro, but it didn't occur to me to inform him of that. (he IS the boss, you know?)

anyhow, last friday at 3:30, i was still waiting to hear if i should leave the office and make tracks to kinkos.

he tells me, and i quote verbatim here...
" No need to scan the ** dopplers"

so i don't think anymore about it really.

our server and stuff were down and i will be damned or is it hog tied? that i will play guessing games with this person.

our office was moved over this weekend.

so today, after dealing with the server issues, and phone issues and all sorts of crap, i get an email...
and this is what is says...


If you are in the office, you could scan the brochure and make it PDF using our scanner. The scanner is under the main printer and the server. It is connected to the server. All what you need to do it to open the scan program on the server. If I remember, there is a shortcut on the server desktop for
that program."

arrgh. not only does he tell me LAST WEEK to NOT scan it, he ALSO tells me today to look for a bloody machine which since last friday, has been moved, like the rest of the office, and the scanner and any other pc is still in cartons awaiting people to unpack them. preferably the imbiciles who packed them in the first place... and TO SCAN THE BLOODY THING.

i know i am nuts but i think he is nuttier.
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