Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

so, like, if the server goes down just one more time today i am going to HIT the tech who keeps kneeling under my desk to fix it.

i will womp him over the head. hard. he won't like it one bit. but probably he WILL like it more than i like some tech being under my desk. i have personal stuff down there. ankles. sling back kitten heels. cough drop wrappers. the ugly silver paperclips i want to replace with plastic coated ones.

i know it's my problem. i was up until 4 am working. and then up again by 7. and they want me to actually FUNCTION today? i mean, MULTI TASK?

i still haven't dealt with the laminar flow stations. i still haven't dealt with the orthopedic supplies. but every time the tech disconnects the server, the database is unavailable, and where, do you think, am i supposed to get my information? here are your laminar flow units... they are just a mere 200 dollars per unit. no, i didn't check the price. that IS with a p20. yes, it includes filters, benches, polypropolyne walls, negatative flow, and matching fine corinthian leather.

i have been busy, in lieu of an actual lunch, sampling the yummy sweet things that the guy who sent me the nuts a few weeks ago sent back with my boss for me. i will send him his 250 tablet bottle of ibuprofen. he might get it by labor day.
Tags: work
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