Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

tomball, montgomery, magnolia, and lake conroe, tx

today my friend and i took a drive instead of unpacking or cleaning.

we went out to lake conroe and to the public boat launch, and to several of the other local marinas.

i have to work on converting a speed boat/bass boat person to a sailor.

it might take some doing, i tell 'ya.

but the towns of montgomery and magnolia were pretty. the bluebells are in bloom. the sun was shining. it wasn't too hot here.

we had lunch out at a "cafe". it was a little chilly, actually.

antique stores.

i think i was somewhat in "hill country". well, there WERE hills. and i saw a sign that read "hill country real estate" or something like that.

and the friend is sleeping again. he tells me i have to make sure he is in bed before midnight. uh, hey you! you're over 40. if you want to go to bed, GO TO BED. if you WANT TO STAY UP, STAY UP. i am not your mommy.

but he slept until about noon, so why is he sleeping now?

the questions persist. :P
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