Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

cookie mayhem

so, my boyfriend went on a fishing trip and "home" last week.

he came home with a box of girl scout cookies (samoas).

he says it's a box of 36 dollar cookies!

damn. i thought a buck fifty was expensive! :-)

must be i am getting REALLY, REALLY old.

this is the story... his sister has a daugter that was selling... so he says, sure, i'll take a box...

so, his sister does an e check for the box of cookies from the "house" account she had with my bf, (her brother).

unfortunately, no one bothered to tell him they were still using the account he told her was closed.

he had closed the the account because he sold the house.

so, HE ends up with the following:

description amount action taken reason fee charged
electronic payment $6.00 returned insufficient funds 31.00
electronic payment $30.00 returnes insufficient funds 31.00

$67.21 remains unpaid (actually, paid now, but arrgh!)

and it isn't a box of 36 dollar cookies, it's a box of 67 dollar cookies! :P
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