Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

hello, i am here, and alive. sort of. sleepy, but alive. zzzzzzzz.

this is a bitchy post. be forewarned.

first off, i was at the er most of last night. i had a reaction to one of my new medications, and they took theeir sweet time at the er figuring out how to keep me on that medication without the annoying side effects.

so yeah, they gave me yet MORE medications.

but that doesn't bother me all that much.... what does trouble me is having the police show up at my apartment to "check up" on me.

now, you may or may not know that i am on some pretty heavy pain meds and other things. they tend to make me drowsy. yawn.

so since i didn't get any sleep at the er over night, i was rather zonked about a half hour ago.

also, is it illegal to not answer the door? that crazy woman was at the door several times and since i was not dressed for company, i did not answer the door. the crazy woman who lives in the same complex i do. the one who asked me for some of my pain meds? i don't like her, and i don't appreciate an RN asking for prescription meds of someone else. it troubles me that she did it once, and that she drinks on top of that. anyhow, if someone NEEDS them, their dr. will generally prescribe them. they have these people called neuro pharmacologists? and they

so the police let themselves in. hi. i have brain cancer,and i was alsleep.

i think they asked me twelve times if i wanted to go to the emergency room. no, thank you, i just returned from there.

compazine and something or other. lalalalalaaa. i fell asleep almost as soon as i got home. and anyhhow, i was back at the apartment and the police came in. no, i did not have the door locked as the home health aid was going to come.

this is embarrassing. on many levels. including the fact the fish tank in the living room is mostly algae, i mean, like, all the coral and plant stuff are covered in good green slimy algae. good for the algae eating crab, but even if they ate night and day for a few months they still wouldn't eat all that was there.

also, well, i was in bed. tshirt and undies and not exactly dressed for company. you know?

bitchy, that's me.

oh yeah, and my boyfriend is away at a family reunion. so he couldn't answer the door either. if i could just teach my dog to talk and answer the door and telephone. yeah. that would work.

and shucks. the dishes were not done either.
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