Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

uh huh.

i deem today (a bloody monday no less) the day to make some person who has to answer stupid person questions all the time- to make their day a bit nicer.

why? because i am obviously on crack today.

i propose that if anyone has to speak to someone, say in customer service, or personnel, or whatever... and that person does at least a half assed job of it, that you take note of the person's name or user id, and then take a 4 minute break from the mundane and write a letter (preferably in your own handwriting) using the words "commendable" "articulate" "professional" "polite" "exemplary" or other words that may be slightly over the top. mention in the note that a copy should be placed in the person's permanent personnel file. and mention to the person you are having to deal with the grueling drudgery of monday crap that you are going to actually write the note/letter. and mail it god damn it. to the proper address. with a stamp. and sign your name.
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