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gimme cash and depp to make me feel better? yeah. that was the plan.

it is usually a bad idea to listen to johnny cash singing hurt and then some (scratch bridge over and personal jesus) of the following on that one cd and simultaneously watching silent version (no, the tv volume was just on mute) various scenes with johnny depp and some actress i forget who plays a homeless woman... i forget her name now. she is a strong character actress. looks a little like michelle shocked to me but much taller. tv was on usa on an episode of house i haven't seen. (i actually have never seen a complete episode anyhow). homeless woman wants to get past depp the bouncer in a mad hatter hat (what do you call a bouncer at a house party?) and she goes in dazed and acting odd and she is kissed by one woman and then is taken to another, (maybe the party hostess?) where she is again kissed by yet that woman, and bare light bulbs and vacant house house party stuff around, and music and stuff that might cause seizures anyhow. and then when the cops show up the homeless woman is last left in because she is very not with it,and then a local policeman astride her she falls unconscious and they cut to her at the hospital. and she ends up seizing here and there in observation. and then, the hospital personnel around a big UN sterile looking but attainable cleanliness is within grasps of frail hands kind of table, so... let's regroup. i go off tangent a LOT i know... table with people needing to go through the woman's bag to find cause of her hospital visit, and and the last i see is all the health care people at that table retching already and the very antisocial, motorcycle dumping maybe the cause of his liimp dr. dumping the contents of the bag and group of them simultaneously retch. still, still listening to songs from that cd like sam hall. indeed actually having sam hall played again, last. yes, cheering me up WAS the plan...

this post is just not right on so many levels... i apologize. :P and i am too damned tired to change the icon, so look at my cheesy smile and know i was glum.
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