Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

oh, so when i got up at 4 am, the movie "the red shoes" was on.

well, i i walked myself into the living room just as she leaps gracefully over/under the train on my way to get a bottle of water.

mister, i have seen people hit by trains, and they don't look anything like that woman did. i would bet you even fewer people hit by trains are even CONSCIOUS. let alone looking considerably GOOD. not too much fake blood, the hair looking stylishly bed ravaged, not clumpy with clotting blood. her stockinged feet looked like she went climbing in her ballet shoes, but other than that... they looked like they could even be washed and hung to dry, and they would be good as new.

artistic licenses should be suspended at times. by the artistic licensing department.

usually dark, scary scores behind overly acted characters is a recipe for the immediate, permanent, irreversible revocation of any artistic license previously issued by any authority, domestic or foreign.

anyhow, if i had been drinking sangria all nght and THEN watched this from the beginning, i would have been amused.

just seeing it from that point on just gives it a very creepy feel.

the queen has spoken. are 'ya listening or what?

"to live is to dance, to dance is to live" - snoopy sweatshirt

and i have been very interested lately in listening to ALL of danny elfman's scores... but there are only so many hours in the day. a girl has to have some time to wash her hair and watch creepy movies and stuff.
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