Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

la la ala randomness.

what if cheney and companions were hunting quayle?

do you think quayle really got a fair shake? do you think he and the george matriculated the same institution?

i would like to think quayle is a nice person, one you'd like to see at the post office or in church sometimes. just to say hi. i bet he'd hold an umbrella for someone fighting a hard rain, parcels and a toddler or two.

i'd like to see him in out on nantucket, in his plaid shorts and boat shoes.

please, whatever you do, don't blame danny boy for the stuff speech writers write for him.

i'm gonna go make some really strong coffee.

wait, i just got a email! this is one from the guy who only sends like, one word messages. let's go see what it says, boys and girls... it says, and i quote "well, i responded".

i had sent him like a 5 sentence response saying to please write me more than a word or one sentence. likes and dislikes, family, stuff like that. that was his response. well, one of them.

the first response indeed was longer it was "
I have been divorced 7 yrs. My ex couldnt have kids. I have 2 sisters and one brother. Im 3rd child. I turned 50 in july. Ive lived in Houston all my life. Im am a manager for(*&^&#*&# in sw Houston. Im looking for my best friend and lover all in one.

then "is that better?"

then the "well, i responded".

i really need that coffee now.

i haven't had the energy to write him back. besides, he might be the manager of the pharmacy i actually go to. now THAT would be too strange, no?


oh, i called my ex this am to see if he would call his dog attorney off for another 6 months or so. not that i don't want to be done with him,but i don't have enough money to deal with it the way i need to. i don't want to lose more, more of my already low self respect, money, and stuff like that. drat. he was supposed to be in nj until about 11, est. i called at 9:15 and his dad answered. answered the nj number in connecticut, which sort of freaked me out. didn't say hang on, i'll get him. just left me hanging about 4 minutes. i couldn't hang up on my end. just dead space until the ex took the phone. the father in law wouldn't say hang on or anything, even after a few minutes. very freaky.
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