Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

"sweet mother of moses"

oh god, i know i am too odd, but i love this. i love the dancing whatever the heck this is. it is. i think it is a cat. a very raspberry colored cat. no whiskers.

press the image. when the card open, after the card loads, press number 2. actually press all of the numbers. but press 2.

it makes me jittery without even the caffeine.

press the 2 enough to understand this is what this character, whatever it is, says "sweet mother of moses, i'm rich, i'm rich, giggle giggle, i'm rich, calm down... calm down, i'm rich! la la dee doo doo." or something like that.

like if i am in a psuedo manic mode, this is me. with big ears and tail, and really big eyes.

really, makes me wanna get up and dance. if i were drunk, i'd die peeing my pants. hyper. hyper, hyper.
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