Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

today is my anniversary. :)

not THAT kind of anniversary... :D fooled you with the dress pic, didn't i. :P

today marks the one year anniversary of my severe burn injury. just kind of crept up on me, startling the living daylights out of me.

i hope today (yom kippur) helps certain individuals achieve atonement. some of them are in dire need of it.

the person with whom i was staying last year as i was burned, has not returned my family antique photographs. they were in an old hard side, 2nd world war era suitcase. the small type that women would put their night clothes in. these are the only photographs remaining anywhere. i did not bring them with me when i left his apartment, as i had every intention to come back and move my own things from there. instead, he said he would drive my stuff to me. i trusted him to return all of it that was actually taken into his apartment. i have phoned, and emailed, beseeching him to return them to me, even if he has to send them cod... and yet he refuses to return them. how difficult is it to drop something at the post office some time during the 7 days of the week. or send them ups or fed ex or whatever? i am left with doubting his integrity, which has been the case since i was burned. once i found a different place to live last year that was a clean, decent place, as opposed to a place with mice scurrying about and cockroaches crawling over the kitchen. which is EXACTLY why i was cleaning his kitchen when i got burned. he was a filthy piggish man, which i didn't know from his appearance at work.

i mean, how long does it take to mail something in person? if he can play ultimate frisbee on weekends, he can spend 15 min. in line and mail it to me.

lazy asses are a pet peeve of mine, as is incompetence. the jerk lives in hyattsville, md, there are like, 4 service center post offices between there and dc proper, and he can't be bothered. i'd like to have someone give him some lip for me. i don't mean oral... i mean, direct coercion if necessary.

must remind self to refill epipen, ketorolac, lovenox and find out about foaming chlorhexidine gluconate 20% without red. back to bed for me. :P
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