Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

he took me to jared's and i wanted to barf.

have you heard about those ads for jewelry store named jared? well, just down the road from where this apartment is, is a jared jewelry store. i have a bicentennial colonial new england charm bracelet. it's sterling... but for pete's sake, it's a kid's bicentennial bracelet. needs a new clasp. anyhow, "we do not repair sterling silver". i had this 14 k cubic zircon too. i wanted to add a colored gem in the center with the trillions on the ends.

well, after this little anti transaction.... i see they sell colored gems. i look at their website color stone treatment. treated gems. so sort of fake. and they make a big whoop about a sterling bracelet and a cocktail ring from the shopping channel.

ok then. i won't bring my good jewelry there to be fixed either. i hate snobs. and if anyone buys me anything from there, i will politely ask them to return it.

where i'm from, customer service is important... and when i was a kid i used to babysit for this family who owned a jewelry store. when i was 15 i started working part time at the store. we actually repaired whatever the customer brought in. that's what they were paying us to do for them. even if it meant essentially remaking the entire piece.

and there are naturally occurring cubic zirconium. i forget the actual chemical makeup but if you just want some bling without losing your arm and leg... a little sparkle on a saturday night isn't so bad. is it?
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