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a severed hand incident like, ANOTHER one...
The WCBS Audio File

Posted: Tuesday, 19 September 2006 8:55PM

Med Student Accused of Giving Dancer Severed Hand

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ (AP) -- South Plainfield police are accusing a medical school graduate of giving an exotic dancer a hand -- literally.

Authorities say Ahmed Rashed took the hand from a cadaver at the University of Medicine and Dentistry. The dancer kept it in a jar of formaldehyde in her bedroom. Friends have said she called the hand ``Freddy.''

Rashed is free on one-thousand dollars bail. The 26-year-old Los Angeles resident is charged with theft of human remains.

The dancer has pleaded not guilty to unlawful disposal of human remains.

Police found the hand and six human skulls in Linda Kay's home in July.

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things remind me of other things... so that story reminded me of yet another reader's digest version. this one being the golden hand award awarded to a policeman ever on the alert on route 95 southbound near the georgia/carolina line. i had a severed hand from a roommate's halloween party from a few years back. it was icky dirty from being in the shed at my brother's and it had the blood on one end from the "severed" part. anyhow, some old lady with an SUV and very little else to do besides look in people's pickup beds for severed body parts spots the vinyl version of a forearm underneath a bunch of soft type things (comforters in trash bags and things like that) covered with a fatigue tarp. really only the fingers were visible and only if you were up watching for them. i mean, really, post 911 and all but still... i know i am twisted for having the fake body part... but that is just the way i am. the officer pulled the hand out from under the tarp and handed it through my window just as my radiator hose bursts. as usual, my timing is impeccable. then i had a nice escort to the local walmart to pick up a new hose and hose clamps or whatever those things are that have the screw to tighten around the new hose.
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