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you can't be bee holding...

when i was a little kid, i must have been really scary. why you ask? because... you know that saying.... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". well,when i was a little kid i thought it was the BEE HOLDER, OUCH! you know? i didn't want to be bee holding to anyone. people should only be bee holding to themselves. bzzzz

so, since i was not going to keep posting to livejournal, because i waste too much time already. so, i was doing something last night. last night i lived very dangerously.  one night of living dangerously.

i usually shop at the super walmart.  i usually double bag because i drive a pickup without a crew cab or whatever, just an old truck, so i put the double bagged market items in this net thing on one side. i make a little market net roll. i am a smart monkey, but geeze, so i have like a mountain of bags of bags.  in closets.  under the bed, no, there is no under the bed here. well, under the sofa, on top of the easy chair, the chair isn't easy at all, it always has junk piled in it. not a person can sit in the easy chair because of the junk piled. the bags of bags. in the water heater closet that you're not supposed to put anything in. they were everywhere. the bags of bags. they were overtaking my whole life...  i couldn't open the front door to go to my dr. appointments. if i opened the door the bags of bags would explode like one huge thing.. like one of those canned snake things?  i dunno.  so, last night, i actually took all but one of the bag of bags back to the walmart they came from. to recycle them.  i filled almost one whole green cardboard box at the walmart entryway all on my own see how special i am? ... for the recycle bags. i almost filled the recycle thing all on my own. i can move mountains of bags of bags. i am invincible. i can lift hundreds of bags of bags in a single armful. i felt very special.  i'm sure you'll sleep better knowing that about me.  what is worse, that bit of information or the bit about the bee holder?  see, i am doomed. 

i think i posted about something like this before. or maybe it was an email i emailed someone. about ziplock bags maybe. last year. a lifetime ago. do you remember?
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