Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

incompetent people drive me crazy. crazier than usual.

know what i hate? INCOMPETENT PEOPLE. i don't mean those people diagnosed with a disability, but i mean people in government that are supposed to have college educations and a government job (which, by the way come with benes that hordes of people do not have). healthcare, savings plans, flex health accounts, etc.

and they make ok money too. even an accounting clerk in a civil department.

a few years ago,(seems like yesterday) i had the misfortune of leasing a house from a lunatic. it was crazy stuff back then. taking the front door (heavy oak outdoors door) off the hinges. stealing a puppy i had. no one else had a key to that house, the puppy was in crate in bathroom. threatening to KILL the puppy they had. showing up at all hours to pupnd on windows and doors. just stupid human things. because i told the owner of the house there was an electrical problem in the master bedroom. sparks! after after about a nonth, no response, i contacted the housing inspector. the housing inspector was good! he wrote them up for the toad pool, a broken fence around the pool, a broken garage window, the sparking electrical outlets... they said the house was uninhabitable. put a sticker on the front door, said no one could live there. i didn't care, the home owners had already put my personal effects on the front lawn for the trash collector. DURING one of the HURRICANES. and the also stole my truck. sorry, one evacuates with just ONE vehicle.

the local police said "civil" and they couldn't do a thing about the behavior. i was like, hey, i should not he harased my ANYONE, let alone the fucking landlord.

went to court, judge decides in my favor. gives me back a decent amount of restitution including interest at a good 10%.

i attached a lien to that house. they sold it a few months ago. the lien was paid to the court. i wrote the court (the deciding judge) his clerk told me it was forwarded to the disbursement person. with my current power of attorney address. i did not want the bastards i leased the house from to know my current address. well, when i finally called today, the damned clerk said i have to send yet ANOTHER letter.

i asked for a fax number. he told me. i asked if my address will be held in confidence, there is an open order of protection against those jerks i leased the house from.

he said "don't worry". easy for him to say. they money they owed me for was just my security deposit. bastards. all of them. "not my problem."

grrr. off to type letter AGAIN to disbursement clerk. (disbursement jerk).
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