Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

dog show rant

so dr.robert indeglia awards "james" best in show at westminster. hooray! just remember the millions and millions of dogs in shelters and in foster care needing forever homes. they mentioned the loss of the whippet last year, no matter how much is spent they couldn't find her again. and the million dollars from pedigree this year is helpful, but a million dollars isn't even enough for the ones needing people. sad but true.
if the owners and handlers took just say, half of what they spend in travel for show events (sort of like when you show your horse)... it isn't a cheap way to spend a weekend or a few days, but i wonder if these dog show people have mutts at home or shelter dogs. i just kind of wonder.

i have star, the australian cattle dog i adopted from the people in south carolina. the right thing for her was for them to find someone who could spend time with her. even they were "older" they were still working, one managing a restaurant (and anyone who knows the restaurant business knows it is not a 8 hour a day sort of job)... and the other was a builder of churches. they would be gone more then 9 hours a day (more like 12 usually) and she was suffering. they knew it. i won't trade her in for a dachshund or a golden, though i prefer them. if my lifestyle changes, i would probably get the wiener and golden again as well as keeping star. the previous owners told me she would always be welcomed back, but i think that for star might be even more traumatic than the multiple homes she has already had. they loved her, you could tell, but she (star) loves being with people. she was a working dog in the true sense too, before her retirement. she was trained as a blind person's assistant type dog. she was "working" for most of her life. two years showing and having puppies, and then working for 6, then she was with those people a few years. she is no young puppy, but she is a loyal, intelligent, consistently obedient companion.

i have heard story after story about australian cattle dogs being difficult to deal with. again, it is not the dog it is the people... same with dachshund. one must be a creative teacher for them. they must be interacted with consistantly. if you are unable to train them properly yourself, eat the expense and hire a professional. you'll be much happier. the dog will be happier. zen will be attainable. without proper training, you end up pulling your hair out and the dog ends up with all sorts of issues... and again, it's the person, never the dog. (almost). most dogs with behaviour issues can be retrained or corrected. however you wish to phrase it.

i love the different breeds for very different reasons... and it is like comparing apples and oranges. like people. no one is the same personality wise. i lived with multiple dogs previously, and sort of like kids, more than one (besides expense) are even more rewarding to educate. i am not finding fault with proper breeding, but the puppy mill mentality - 'i'm gonna get me a male and a female whatever and breed 'em." inbreeding is never good. (and i lived in missouri, the worst state as far as bad people breeding dogs. puppy mill capital if you will) but anyone who blames a dog for misbehaving? it is NEVER the dog, it is the people that care for them at fault. ever go to an actual rescue? the filthy crates, the stench, the injured dogs... i used to be able to deal with it... i can't anymore. i am too emotional. i want to get the people who keep the dogs in such horrible conditions and make the people live in them for a few days. might be really more effective than the fines people are given for the abuse. people usually are not given any jail time, even in the most severe cases i have seen. kind of like child abuse. don't get me started with that.
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