Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

the mount hood hikers/climbers.

ok, i have been known to do some pretty unnerving things during times in my life that i try not to look at as being so. like, jumping out of perfectly good aircraft. however, i think if there were an ethereal "bookie" in the sky, i guess odds were definitely in my favor. but one day i woke up in a neuro icu and figured my odds had changed. so no more sky jockey for me.

the reason for this post is the people in oregon on mt. hood? the eight people who took off for a hike and 3 of them are currently still up there, beacons still sounding thankfully. they've been lost for over five hours, and it's bitterly cold, and i would give them personally less than 45% chance of coming out alive. that is, as long as they don't have other life threatening injuries. a sprained ankle for instance, could be enough of a problem for them not to make it out alive.

you know, i think it is the fact the us government and state governments, leave it to the citizen to draw their own conclusions. state parks, national parks. enter at your own risk. they should have a sign posted saying "we do not provide search and rescue". i am all for adrenaline rushes. shucks. i am. really. but if you have to put other people at risk to come and fetch you off the damned mountain, what is the thrill of that? any glory there?

i worked as a medic, an emt, a paramedic. a nurse. i have had my share of adrenaline rushes due that and the "rescues" i have been a part of. even at ski areas. high altitude crap.

the overwhelming thing i recall is that if one of the rescuer people thought their own life was at risk then you wait until the situation stabilizes. that includes being under fire. that normally means waiting for the shooter to be neutralized. well, so, the injured person just has to wait.

no reason to send others into a highly unstable situation to save your foolish butts.

it's bad enough repelling down a ravine to rescue a few people trapped in their SUV that was knocked off the road by a tractor trailer driver high on amphetamines.

boo hiss all you want. i can only say i am glad they (the hikers/climbers) at least had locators with them. at least they will find their frozen bodies if they don't find them before that.

mt. hood isn't for the faint of heart anyhow, even in the summer it isn't a novice climb.

i hope they make it out fine, i really do, (the 3 that at current update are still on the hill).... but i hope it is the last time anyone in some alpine community has to do any rescue especially when it could have all been avoided with a hit of the snooze alarm or just saying no thank you at least until july. even then... :P

i mean, even transport/packaging/treatment of a person with a busted leg because of a ski accident is enough.

...goes into the other room to get under the comforter and sleep hopefully. later.
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