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in a pinch, or sometimes i just prefer a less over more...

i always keep about 6 cans (29 ounce) of concentrated crushed tomatoes.

they can be used in many things.

  • soups - a can will add a nice change of your favorite vegetable or chicken soup
  • stews
  • i put a cup of this crushed tomato in my favorite bread recipe for a kick

i usually just use it for a quick substitute for sauce. i dislike most commercially prepared ones, because they seem to always add syrup or too much sodium, or are too thick. my mom used to keep some ragu in the pantry when she didn't make her own.

so when i am in a hurry or i don't have a quart of homemade ready ( i usually keep a container in the refrigerator) i use the concentrated ones.

generally, i add a few quick addtions of things for the few minutes i heat it on the stove top. i give up trying to use the microwave in this apartment.

    quick sauce per can of crushed tomato

  • a leaf of fresh basil
  • a clove of fresh garlic
  • a pinch of cassia (cinnamon)
  • pinch sea salt
  • ground pepper to taste

i just put it in a sauce pan and heat through.

when using a crockpot recipe requiring sauce, i use this too. i omit the garlic for my garlic sensitive friends at times. i also use it all the time for home made pizza. it has a fresh flavor you can't get from a jar of ragu.

sometimes, if i have a sieve handy, i'll push the concentrated crushed tomato through. the canned type (walmart great value) on occasion, a can will have too many pieces of tomato skin which is not a desired characteristic.

my family would have crushed tomato in a parmalat type package, from the market they would buy from. it was the same kind my mom would have in the commercial kitchen in lager parmalat packaging. i have not been able to find that here. i use the cinnamon to mellow, like i said, and it takes the tinny taste from the canned variety.

make sure you use the concentrated kind. no need for paste when you use this unless you want a very thick sauce.

buon appetito :-)
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