Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

baby turtle

this is my babyred eared slider turtle. i went to post this last night and for some reason a different post was added to the end of it. so i deleted it.

anyhow. here is the cute baby turtle devouring some turtle chow. it is not a cigar. :P he is under water on the bottom of his tank.

i keep him in an aquarium (10 gallon) with about 6 inches of water. i have added pebbles, river stones, and live plant material to make him feel more at home. he has some tank mates too, a red beta, a few white clouds and a large zebra danio. i had a small frog and a red crab in there too , but at last water change, niether could be located, even at close exam. i have a powerful filter too, turtles produce quite a bit of waste.

considering his actual size is only about an inch across his shell, three pieces of feed this size (the legnth of his head) is alot.

i'm hoping for repatriation ;-) when he gets to be about six inches across.

i got him over the summer at the local flea market. i didn't know anything about turtles, but he was small,and he came free with purchase of a "turtle habitat".

i found out as soon as i got him home and did a web search on them that the turtle was way too small to be in captiivity. not only that, but the "habitat" the vendor was selling for them was barely ok even for a turtle his size. they are supposed to be kept in AT LEAST 6 times the turtle's height in water.

the side of the "habitat" was just about two inches deep. there was a center part with an obvious fake palm tree. i think he is much happier now in the aquarium.

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