Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

annoying man!

the night before last (friday night), as i retired to sleep really for the night, i asked my boyfriend to please, please wake me up about an hour before he wanted to go anywhere. (we had plans to go to the museum of fine arts) in dowtown houston. they have a great exhibition going on from the met in nyc. i have been wanting to go for weeks and weeks, and very gosh darn weekend it is the same thing - we end up NOT going.

well, so today, i was awakened by my ex calling from france. a pleasant surprise enough... but then, when boyfriend walked in and past to use the bathroom, he made it clear he was "upset" that i wasn't awake earlier, and had the nerve to be on the PHONE.

i take a lot of medications. almost all of the ones i take (actually all except lovonox injections) have similar labels besides the drug name. the little "caution" ones on the side in red.

  • this drug may impair the ability to drive oroperate machinery. use care until you become familiar with it's side effects
  • </li>

  • may cause drowsiness. acchohol may intesify this effect. use care when operating a car or dangerous machinery.

so, like, i take about 10 medications. not every day all of them, but during each week i do take each of the 10 pills during the cycle i am currently on. i admit i am drowsy most of the time if not otherwise being amused sufficiently to keep me from nodding off.

i do sleep very soundly when i sleep. i have a difficult time waking up fully, unlike a non medicated me. this is disturbing to me enough without him making me feel even worse.

so yesterday i was zonked until my ex's phone call woke me up. it was already past noon, and then even though i did get up and do stuff about the apartment, for the next 4 hours, he sat on his butt and watched tv/HE SLEPT even more. finally, about 4:45, he told me "you should get ready to go, i want to go to..." (essentially run errands, no time for art).

during the outing, before we were out of the gate of the development, i made it absolutely clear i NEED him to wake me up. (i thought i had already done that, i guess he just thought i was being a slug) (sorry, thunderslug, i don't mean to insult you =) i am not THAT lazy!

so, now it is sunday, and guess what time it is kids? (we were to go TODAY to the museum)...

he is sleeping soundly on the sofa. *pulls hair out (what i have left).*

*post note: i woke him up about 15 minutes ago. he went back to sleep almost immediately.
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