Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

medical stuff

i have lost major portions of the past two days. i am on a new chemo regimen after being told i now have lesions of bone cancer. oh joy. the drugs are given at the chemo center place i go, they are very compassionate and they know their stuff, but by the time i get home i am in bed within minutes and out like a light. the new chemo makes my bones feel uncomfortable/hurt. my biopsy of bone was done in my hip area. the medication i am for brain swelling and to avert any issues with clotting on my legs (DVT) from being burned, to avert the clots moving to my brain. lovonox, since i take an injection each day, they think that is more important than the other. lovonox and lumbar puncture, the best way to gauge my bone issues, is more than not recommended. (spinal tap). it has been proven that use of lovonox and lumbar puncture causes sometimes permanent paralysis. any paralysis is not what i want. thank you, no, i don't want that. to be honest, i am a wimp when it comes to those anyhow. previously, when i have said yeah, ok, go ahead with that procedure, i have been very sorry. even with loads of morphine i was not a very compliant patient. oh well, i was told i can ask for pain management people (anesthesiologist), next time. usually they will do a much better job than say, a intern. one needs experience in these things. most anesthesiologists who deal with say, people having babies. they (the baby havers) account for most of the anesthesiology procedures for child birth are epidurals given in the lumbar column. the lumbar puncture is done in the same way, but instead of meds going in, they take stuff out. but the anesthesiologist has much more experience, therefore, much more success in a more comfortable lumbar puncture. words to know. ask for anesthesiologist if you ever need a lumbar puncture.

i hope i get used to the new meds soon, i don't like feeling this way. thanks.
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