Euphoric Fatigue (euphoricfatigue) wrote,
Euphoric Fatigue

typing and fishing

i know how to type properly but i was yelled at for shouting "online" several years ago so now i type like e e cummings but all the time not just in signature. imagine, yelling at a person for shouting. i have the same type of argument with myself about fishing… i will now share with you my views on fishing which appears to be a big sport around here. bass mostly but I was raised fishing for things like northern pike or muskies. as big as texas is, they don’t have muskies or northern pike. i guess i could go off shore ocean fishing for bigger than bass fish. but i don’t fish. not really because of the circular argument i mentioned. i bet they have muskies and northern pike in idaho. err, well, more like guess. i would have to look it up. if you use minnow (poor little fish) isn’t that silly to use minnow? if you let the minnow grow up, then you have your fish right there, at the bait store. it seems cruel and unusual punishment for the minnow who is nothing but innocent. why sacrifice a baby fish for a bigger fish? amd the bigger fish just want dinner, or breakfast. depends on when you kill the poor little thing. i find out as a child that life as a fish is unfair. i learned it is better to be a human than a fish, girls usually prefer avoiding bait of most sorts. so it would really be awful to crave icky things like night crawlers. mepps lures be damned. i caught those two fish myself, that one day. caught but i did not bait my own hook. so really they should have just been swimming in the st. lawrence. and stand by for a spectacular sunrise photo.
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